Master Thesis: Automatic detection of reference points in images from different sources

Intern / Student, Part-time ยท Munich

Your tasks
Aerial images from drones, planes or satellites represent the captures surface with a geo reference. Due to influencing factors (optics of the systems used, precision of geo location during capture, algorithms used for ortho processing, etc.), images from different soures are not totally aligned. Usually, ther's a shift and rotation visible when overlaying images. Both shift and rotation might have a non-linear spread across all imagery. This is an impediment for the joint use of images from different sources, especially if high accuracy geo referencing is required.

Objective is to create and evaluate an approach to use machine learning and image processing techniques to automatically find reference points in images of different data sources (i.e. same provider but different image campaigns, different provider, different image capture technologies).
  • Machine learning (CNN, deep learning) training and inference
  • Programming with Python
  • Use of image libraries like GDAL etc.
  • Visualization with GIS tools
Areas of expertise:
  • Pattern recognition by use of machine learning (unsupervised, supervised, etc.)
  • Morphing technologies supported by machine learning
  • Image processing techniques (edge detection, change detection, normalization)
Life as TerraLouper is
  • exciting to be part of a highly motivated, international top team of engineers
  • interesting to work with cutting-edge technologies, agile development practices and product-focused environment
  • office location in the heart of Munich
  • flexible working hours
  • multi-cultural team
About us
TerraLoupe is a German startup to empower autonomous mobility. We use machine learning technology to automaticcally detect objects from aerial imagery to create a 3D digital twin of the world. Located in the heart of Munich the next level of geo platform and HD mapping is getting to reality.
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